Contact us

TEL: 0755-86114499

FAX: 0755-86114466


Test duration

1. For most normal test, the test duration is 4 working days.

2. For the test which last for a long time, usually, we will send the report within 2 working days after the test is finished. 

3. Working day starts on the next day after application (All the test correlative information is OK).

4. Emergency fee:

Urgent (3 working days): Add 30% fee

Urgent (2 working days) : Add 50% fee

Urgent (1 working days) : Add 100% fee


Fill in the “Testing commission form

1. You can download the form the “Download center” on TTS’s web, or you can ask for our salesman, or you can get it on the proscenium when you coming to our company.

2. You should fill in the form carefully, and assure the authenticity of the information.


Address for sending the sample

3/F, Block 18A, Guanlong No.1 Industory Zone, Xili Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City

Code: 518055


Requirement of sample

1Main requirement

1Another out package for protecting is recommended.


2Other requirement

1Please provide the size, weight and quality of sample, in order to check the test and make the quotation.

2Because of the unsure effect, we do not check the inner product by opening the package before test. All the sample will be deemed to with no damage, so you should assure to supply the sample with good appearance and function.


We accept cash, cheque and bank transfer.

TTS Account


Account Name

Shenzhen Yitong Testing Technology Co., Ltd

Bank Name

Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China, Shenzhen Branch, Xili Sub-branch

Account No.

4000 0274 1920 0152 823


Send the report

1. TTS advocate “Paperless office”, thanks for your electronic file report choosing.

2. The electronic file report will be send to the e-mail mentioned in the test commission form.

3. If you have the special requirement, we also can provide the text file report, you can get it by yourself or choose the express delivery.

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